KBA News Feed http://www.kba.com/ en Koenig & Bauer AG Fri, 31 Mar 2017 02:00:10 +0200 Fri, 31 Mar 2017 02:00:10 +0200 news-620 Mon, 27 Mar 2017 23:23:17 +0200 Marrs Printing & Packaging Optimizes Pressroom With New KBA Rapida 106 http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/marrs-printing-packaging-optimizes-pressroom-with-new-kba-rapida-106/ Marrs Printing & Packaging made a decisive move to add more firepower to its City of Industry, CA pressroom with the summer addition of a new fully-automated KBA Rapida 106 six-color press with coater and board package. This medium-size format press, known as the world makeready champion, will quickly and consistently deliver high-end packaging products to the firm’s West Coast retail customers mainly in the cosmetic and healthcare industries. 

“We’re adding another ‘arrow in our quiver’ to our pressroom,” says Scott Marrs, vice president at Marrs Printing & Packaging. “We’re making this multi-million dollar investment to maintain the high responsiveness that our customers expect. Our goal is to always provide the highest quality service for our customers. Quality is not negotiable.” 

Its decision to align with KBA was due to its desire to drive maximum performance and yield significant results with new internal on-press tools not in its arsenal previously. The California firm will gain significant speed of 18,000 sph due to the Rapida’s fully automatic plate changing system and will advance its consistency, efficiency, and product control using KBA’s unique slate of inline and online systems: KBA QualiTronic ColorControl and KBA ErgoTronic ColorControl. Press operators will be able to measure print quality via both systems and execute automatic color correction with QualiTronic ColorControl inline measuring equipment or with the press of a button with ErgoTronic ColorControl online measuring equipment thus reducing makeready and waste and complying with the selected standard throughout the entire job run. These systems also help to reduce manual intervention during production and increase higher press speeds.  

“The folding carton production market continues to change with clients asking us for shorter run lengths, increased speed-to-market, and consistent color and production week-to-week, month-to-month,” says Marrs. “Consumers are making split-second decisions to purchase products on a store shelf each and every day. Our job is to offer the highest quality printing to ensure brand integrity along with flexible and fluid scheduling to keep our clients satisfied. The investment in our new KBA Rapida 106 is testament that we’re committed to that ideal.” 

Situated in an industrial park east of Los Angeles set in the Walnut Valley along the San Jose mountain range in a 45,000 sq ft facility with 85 employees, this family owned and operated firm is a one-stop shop for its high-end packaging customers. Finishing, coating, die-cutting, foiling, structure, and design are all part of the extensive services offered by Marrs. The new KBA press will join three other presses at this location along with digital spot UV and hot-foiling technology. Employees give high marks to the firm’s culture and its location as a suburban city was ranked by Money magazine as one of the best places to live. 

Since its founding in 1972, Marrs Printing and Packaging has evolved into one of the most complete printing and packaging providers in Southern California. Marrs provides customers with high-quality printing services and custom packaging solutions. From the foundation of traditional print media, to the latest advanced packaging technologies, Marrs handles it all. And its wide-ranging capabilities enable them to service the needs of its customers in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Incorporating technologically advanced printing capabilities, Marrs is renowned for flexibility and responsiveness, integrity and reliability, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and to craftsman-like excellence. These are the guidelines that have driven the firm’s near half-century of benchmarked success.

Photo 1 : Scott Marrs, vice president at Marrs Printing & Packaging, is awaiting the delivery of the new fully-automated KBA Rapida 106 six-color press with coater and board package to their City of Industry, CA pressroom this summer. 

news-574 Tue, 31 Jan 2017 03:44:16 +0100 Imagine! Print Solutions Continues Growth with New KBA Rapida 164 64” UV Press http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/imagine-print-solutions-continues-growth-with-new-kba-rapida-164-64-uv-press/ With a laser-focus on its clients and the markets it serves, Imagine! Print Solutions, North America's foremost independent commercial and packaging printing company, has installed its tenth KBA press---a Rapida 164 64-inch seven-color full UV press at its Shakopee, MN facility in late 2016. The press became fully operational in early 2017. 

“Imagine! is an industry leader and has an impressive track record of double-digit growth since its founding in 1988,” says John Hans, CEO of Imagine! “We continue to add new technology, such as our new KBA Rapida 164 press, to enable us to address our clients’ needs and future demands as well as the current production of branded materials and retail offerings across the country. This new press supports our growth and initiatives providing us with faster and more efficient production. It will produce the short-run workload of three of our older large format presses with lightning-fast makereadies with absolute minimum waste, less labor, and less energy. As our market continues to change and evolve, this new KBA press brings us innovation and new value to the firm.” 

Caption: Left to right : John Hans, CEO of Imagine! and Robert Lothenbach, founder of Imagine!, proudly stand on the deck of its tenth KBA press---a Rapida 164 64-inch seven-color full UV press at its Shakopee, MN facility.

The new Rapida 164 64-inch press being delivered to Imagine! is specified to run board, has UV capabilities, and a host of unique quality control features. Its new QualiTronic ColorControl inline color control system offers the highest quality standards. The system reads and monitors every sheet that goes through the press. 

Steve Korn, KBA’s Director of National and Key Accounts, adds, “This new KBA Rapida 164 press purchase made by Imagine! signals once again that the largest independent printing company in North America continues to invest in new technology for its clients to drive further improvement in the production of branded materials and retail offerings across the country. We applaud the entire Imagine! team on what they’ve accomplished, its extraordinary growth both in sales and physical facilities, but most importantly its relentless customer-focused solutions approach. We are confident that this new KBA large format press will provide increased capacity, fuel future growth, and continue Imagine’s flawless execution of high quality printing and on-time service with its existing and future clients for many years to come.” 

The newly-purchased KBA Rapida 164 joins nine more KBA Rapida presses operated by Imagine!: a KBA Rapida 105 41-inch press, a giant Rapida 205 81-inch, two Rapida 162 64-inch presses, and four Rapida 41-inch presses, as well as a new Rapida 105 41-inch press at Imagine! Express Minneapolis. All presses are fully equipped with KBA’s advanced technology from quality control to fully automated processes including a host of drying solutions. 

“KBA has been Imagine’s press partner for 11 years,” says Bob Lothenbach, founder of Imagine!. “In 2005 we purchased the first six-color Rapida 205 81” press in North America. Since then we have added several additional KBA presses to maintain our quality level and provide us with the best possible performance from our litho department. Its commitment to our market and sheet size requirements is what sets KBA apart from its competition.” 

Imagine! is North America’s leading provider of visual marketing products for retailers, quick serve and fast casual restaurants, CPG companies and more. The company’s retail and brand-based marketing services breadth is unparalleled, enabling Imagine! to execute recurring, large scale point-of-purchase/point-of-sale displays and in-store signage campaigns. Imagine!’s single-source capabilities include design, campaign production, kitting and fulfillment. Proprietary, technology-based services enable Imagine! to streamline customers’ traditional, complicated supply chains to enhance quality, improve speed-to-market and lower total costs. Fortune 500 companies, Fortune 1000 retailers, quick-serve restaurants, convenience stores and branded consumer goods companies depend on Imagine!’s customer-integrated store profiling, kitting, merchandising, inventory management and on demand e-commerce services to execute mission critical in-store campaigns. Imagine! was founded in 1988 and is based in Minneapolis. 

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news-568 Tue, 17 Jan 2017 18:24:00 +0100 El Paso Paper Box Makes Strategic Investment in KBA Rapida 106 41-inch Seven-Color http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/el-paso-paper-box-makes-strategic-investment-in-kba-rapida-106-41-inch-seven-color/ With the flick of a switch, El Paso Paper Box put into operation its newest strategic investment---a new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch seven-color full inline UV coating sheetfed perfector press---part of a $7 million capital expenditure at its 105,000 sq ft facility in the far southwestern region of Texas. The new KBA Rapida 106 press was delivered in late summer and became fully operational in early October 2016. 

“This new KBA Rapida 106 seven-color perfector press will be our firm’s workhorse,” says Paul Malooly, El Paso Paper Box President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are switching all of our high-end packaging work from a variety of well-known consumer product customers across North America and the Caribbean to this new press because it brings so many clear advantages in terms of quality, efficiency, and productivity.” 

The El Paso Paper Box management team is proud of its choice after investigating three sheetfed press manufacturers including KBA. The team selected the new KBA Rapida press for the unique capabilities that it brings to their customers and its pressroom. These include a full inline UV system, KBA’s unique QualiTronic color control system, a fully automatic plate changing system, higher press speeds, and perfecting. 

“Technology has become an even greater focus on today’s modern printing presses to maximize potential productivity and we’re relying a lot more on our presses for higher quality, faster turnaround, and less waste,” says Manny Corral, El Paso’s printing supervisor.  

Noting that the full inline UV system is “a substantial improvement over our old off-line system,” the new capability will provide EPPB with the ability to support its customers with faster turnaround, shorter-run packaging allowing for seasonal changes and provide additional high-end coating applications that it previously could not offer. 

To provide the utmost highest quality, which EPPB characterizes as paramount to its customers, the new KBA Rapida offers a host of proven quality control systems. The KBA QualiTronic ColorControl inline color measuring system uses an inter-deck camera system integrated directly into the press. The control strips can be positioned either at the front or in the center of the sheet. This type of unique color quality control ensures that EPPB’s package printing maintains color integrity on its customer’s logo and product. 

“The fully-automatic plate changing system on the new KBA Rapida 106 press provides lightning fast plate changes,” says Corral, as opposed to 15 to 30 minute makereadies on the current non-KBA presses. “We’re seeing huge productivity gains with the new KBA,” he adds. 

Since KBA has long history of making high quality perfecting presses, EPPB will be able to offer a variety of solutions such as six-over-one positions to its customers. For example, its food customers require packaging in which a tempting coupon can be printed inside the box all in one run on the press. With the new KBA Rapida press, EPPB can provide that capability at a nominal cost in one day, whereas in the past that capability cost more and required two makereadies and two days to complete a perfecting job. 

No other press manufacturer can match the high speeds attained on the KBA Rapida 106. With the newly-acquired speed and technology, EPPB expects a significant increase in productivity with its KBA Rapida 106. 

“This KBA press purchase is a strategic investment for our company because it differentiates us from our competitors by having the newest, and greatest, sheetfed press in the Southwest with a host of prime features that benefits both our customers and ourselves,” says John R. Dowd, Executive Vice President of El Paso Paper Box. 

In its gleaming new 105,000 sq ft plant surrounded by 6.5 acres of land for additional growth, El Paso Paper Box installed its new KBA Rapida 106 alongside a newly-purchased gluer with upcoming plans to invest in a new sheeter and diecutter to support the new KBA.  

“We believe that this KBA press investment indicates to our customers and our employees that we’re solidly focusing on fast-moving events in consumer trends, helping our customers better market their products, as well as our determined dedication to the printing and packaging industry,” says Dowd.  

El Paso Paper Box (EPPB) has been a designer and manufacturer of custom paperboard folding cartons for decades. It serves the electronic/electrical, automotive, consumer goods, beauty, food/confectionary, medical/healthcare, bakery/supermarkets, building trades, and paper goods/office supply markets. With a focus on the end-user’s shopping and buying experience, the firm brings a deeper level of service to its customers’ folding carton packaging needs. The retail package is extremely important in the process of getting the product to the consumer safely and appealing to the customer at their point of decision-making. EPPB has a deep understanding in areas from package usability to shelf appeal, and this new press will help provision them for continued success in the future.

news-534 Tue, 29 Nov 2016 13:55:00 +0100 Advance Paper Box/Packaging Spectrum Grows With New KBA Rapida 145 57-inch Seven-Color Press http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/advance-paper-boxpackaging-spectrum-grows-with-new-kba-rapida-145-57-inch-seven-color-press/ Advance Paper Box Company/Packaging Spectrum, a premier full-service packaging company since1924, is reaching new levels of efficiency with a newly-installed KBA Rapida 145 57-inch seven color  press.  As the firm focuses on innovative automated technology and improved make-ready times, it will be replacing an older 56-inch press. The Los Angeles-based firm has customized its new press, which was recently delivered, with such unique features as a double coater, UV, and a triple delivery. 

Its goal is to continually serve its customers with the highest quality and fastest throughput. By adding the new KBA Rapida 145 57-inch seven-color press Advance Paper Box/Packaging Spectrum is showing its folding carton customers that it is growing its business by investing in a new press with proven automation and technology to serve all of their needs. 

Advance Paper Box Company/Packaging Spectrum is consistently dedicated to the mission of improving environmental sustainability within its community, its products, and its operations. The firm has a 191.5 KW DC Solar array to help power the folding plant and has been certified as a Carbon Neutral Company. It offers both FSC® and SFI® certified paperboard, international certification illustrating its voluntary move to recycled fibers and support of responsible forestry. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power recognized Advance Paper Box for its reduction of power usage by Solar Power as well as the Los Angeles Mayor’s office recognized the firm’s commitments to energy efficiency and green building practices. 

Established in 1924, Advance Paper Box Company/Packaging Spectrum has earned a reputation as a premier full-service packaging company. The firm manufactures folding cartons, rigid-setup boxes, and thermal formed plastics using the latest equipment. It has over 250 employees and over 500,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, office and warehouse space.

news-514 Wed, 09 Nov 2016 16:50:58 +0100 KBA Accentuates Graphic Arts Industry and Its Customers In All Print Segments http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/kba-accentuates-graphic-arts-industry-and-its-customers-in-all-print-segments/ KBA is continuing to accentuate its key support to all segments of the graphic arts industry in which this leading printing press manufacturer is maintaining a climate of directly interacting with its customers at industry trade shows and events, having direct dialogues to anticipate their needs, especially in this ever-evolving industry, and providing one-to-one discussions on how these printers can differentiate themselves from their competitors. KBA is continuing to accentuate its key support to all segments of the graphic arts industry in which this leading printing press manufacturer is maintaining a climate of directly interacting with its customers at industry trade shows and events, having direct dialogues to anticipate their needs, especially in this ever-evolving industry, and providing one-to-one discussions on how these printers can differentiate themselves from their competitors. “KBA is making a point to attend a variety of trade shows and industry events that allows us to spearhead our message and introduce new press technology to a variety of current and potential customers,” says Mark Hischar, president and CEO of KBA North America. “We’ve greeted commercial printing and packaging attendees at Graph Expo in late September at its new venue in Orlando, FL and connected with our flexography customers at the Flexographic Technical Association in Louisville for its fall conference; moving forward, we’ll be in attendance at PPC for our packaging customers, at the Digital Packaging Summit for the fast-growing digital packaging market, and heading north to visit with our Canadian base.” 

In its new southeast venue, Graph Expo 2016 exceeded KBA’s expectations with printers who were interested in what new technology KBA launched at the international trade fair Drupa 2016 in Germany this past May and how that technology can solve specific challenges in their pressrooms. KBA Group President and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann was in attendance from Germany to meet with current and prospective KBA customers. KBA used the venue to hold one of Graph Expo’s most anticipated press conferences---a joint presentation from KBA and Xerox to highlight its co-development of the new KBA VariJET 106 Powered by Xerox, a seven-color industrial digital hybrid inkjet/offset press for the folding carton market. This follows a recent announcement to partner with HP to develop the first HP PageWide Web Press T1100S, a 110” wide press for high-volume, digital pre-print applications in the corrugated packaging market. 

In early October, three KBA executives attended the one-day conference for the Flexible Packaging Association’s Fall Executive Conference in Chicago where they had the opportunity to meet customers and network with senior management from other flexible packaging firms as well as gain insights into the flexible packaging industry’s current trends and issues. 

In mid-October, KBA senior vice president of marketing and product management, Eric Frank, chaired the fall conference of the Flexographic Technical Association in Louisville, KY. Nearly 350 flexographic printers attended the event under the banner Improving Today…Envisioning Tomorrow. Under its KBA-Flexotecnica division, the firm was able to re-introduce its new Neo XD LR hybrid press that was on display at the international trade fair Drupa 2016 in Germany this past May. Eric Frank led an important discussion on substrates for the flexo market in which his colleague Matteo Lanata from KBA-Flexotecnica took part. 

In late October, KBA will be supporting the Paperboard Packaging Council’s fall meeting and leadership conference as a platinum sponsor. PPC has grown to become the leading trade association serving suppliers and converters of all forms of paperboard packaging. Set in San Antonio, the meeting will also be the site for the announcement of the 2016 North American Paperboard Packaging Competition Awards. 

KBA is pleased to be attending the Digital Packaging Summit 2016 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL from October 31 to November 2, 2016. This invitation-only, hosted summit designed for senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future digital production printing technology, software and solutions will impact their business and investment decisions is the perfect venue for KBA to discuss its new industrial digital sheetfed packaging solution—the KBA VariJET 106 Powered by Xerox, a seven-color hybrid inkjet/offset press for the folding carton market. 

For its Canadian customers, KBA will be in attendance at the 11th annual Canadian Printing Awards in which it will have two key personnel at its booth to provide information on new technology that KBA has recently unveiled. KBA is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Canadian Printing Awards program, which is designed to recognize printing innovation in the country through three distinct awards sections, grouped in Printing, Environmental and Technology categories. KBA will be in attendance at the Awards Gala to support and congratulate the 2016 Best of Show Award determined from more than 200 entries.

news-480 Wed, 21 Sep 2016 14:44:27 +0200 Second New Specially-Configured KBA Rapida 106 41” UV Press Distinguishes Beyer Graphics http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/second-new-specially-configured-kba-rapida-106-41-uv-press-distinguishes-beyer-graphics/ A new specially-configured nine-color KBA Rapida 106 41-inch UV press---one of the few in the U.S.---is operating at peak capacity at Beyer Graphics, a leading New York pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and over-the-counter packaging supplier. Recognizing the need to increase its capacity and maintain its high quality production, Beyer placed an order for this press as well as a second new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch UV eight-color plus coater press last fall in a large $8.4 million capital investment---its first partnership with KBA. A new specially-configured nine-color KBA Rapida 106 41-inch UV press---one of the few in the U.S.---is operating at peak capacity at Beyer Graphics, a leading New York pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and over-the-counter packaging supplier. Recognizing the need to increase its capacity and maintain its high quality production, Beyer placed an order for this press as well as a second new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch UV eight-color plus coater press last fall in a large $8.4 million capital investment---its first partnership with KBA. 

Beyer took delivery earlier this year of the specially designed Rapida 106 nine-color press at its headquarters on Long Island, NY. The new press has a unique configuration of eight printing units plus a coater then two drying units plus another printing unit followed by another coater and a 12 ft extended delivery. Beyer’s first KBA press, a KBA Rapida 106 eight-color press with coater, was delivered in November 2015.

“We are thrilled to be running our two new KBA high-performance presses side by side at our Commack facility,” says Dan Beyer, president of Beyer Graphics. “Our investment has enhanced our capabilities and is providing our customers with faster, more efficient, one-pass, higher quality work due to the fast press speeds and unique automation found on the presses. Our customers trust us to deliver a quality package when we say we’re going to deliver it. KBA has become a true partner in every sense. Its leadership and reputation in building quality presses is well deserved and its service and support has enabled us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.” 

Since 1982, clients have counted on Beyer Graphics for creative packaging solutions. Founded in West Babylon, NY, by William Beyer, Sr. as a provider of apparel packaging solutions, Beyer Graphics has grown and evolved into one of the leading printing and packaging design companies specializing in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and apparel industries. Beyer Graphics produces approximately 20,000,000 structural, custom and folding boxes and cartons monthly for over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical, vitamin, supplement and cosmetics clients from 71,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facilities in Commack, NY. These facilities also provide electronic prepress services for apparel packaging solutions manufactured overseas via Beyer Graphics Far East Ltd., a Hong Kong subsidiary, and a partnership in Honduras, producing approximately seven million packages monthly. Today, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging comprise about 80 percent of the company’s operation and apparel packaging the remaining 20 percent.


Photo 1: Dan Beyer (center), president of Beyer Graphics, joined Mark Hischar (left), president and CEO of KBA North America, and Ed Heffernan (right), KBA sales manager, at the KBA booth in Germany at Drupa 2016.



news-482 Mon, 27 Jun 2016 15:43:00 +0200 Hederman Brothers Places Drupa Order For New KBA Rapida 106 41-inch Six-Color Full LED UV Curing System Press http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/hederman-brothers-places-drupa-order-for-new-kba-rapida-106-41-inch-six-color-full-led-uv-curing-system-press/ Leading Mississippi commercial print and direct mail shop will be first in North America with this unique configuration Retiring two older presses with a new KBA Rapida lightning-fast 20,000 sph model Hederman Brothers, a leading full-service commercial printer located in Ridgeland, MS, has placed an order at the Drupa trade show in Germany for the purchase and delivery of a new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch six-color press plus coater featuring Air Motion Systems (AMS) full high-energy efficiency LED UV, QualiTronic ColorControl inline color control for quality control, and a lightning-fast 20,000 sph. This 118-year-old family-run fourth-generation firm will be retiring two older sheetfed presses and installing its first new high-performance KBA Rapida 106 41-inch machine in a new facility during the fourth quarter of 2016. It will be the first press in North America with two (AMS) high power XP-11 LED lamps and multiple docking points including end of press. 

“Our goal is to continually serve our customers with the highest quality, most advanced technology and fastest throughput,” says Doug Hederman, president and CEO of Hederman Brothers and its fourth-generation leader. “We chose this specially-configured press with proven automation and technology from KBA because we believe it will surpass the high expectations and demands of our loyal customers and address the speed, quality, and innovative designs that we produce for them. This will be our first KBA press. After thoroughly vetting the other press manufacturers, we felt that KBA and AMS delivered the most innovative press technology to carry our business into the next generation.” 

The uniquely-configured press with its high energy efficiency, heat-less solid state UV LED curing provides stunning results and faster turnaround speed. Hederman will be receiving exceptional results for high end special effects and immediate post-production work such as cutting and scoring and will no longer need to worry about powder-filled pressrooms, expensive IR/Hot Air dryers, marking problems or waiting for sheets to dry.  

Hederman will also join a select group of fellow KBA customers in North America that are operating Rapida sheetfed presses with the highest run speed of any manufacturer---an outstanding 20,000 sph. About a dozen presses are in full production among some of the best known and highly respected printers in the country where this lightning-fast speed is being met on a daily basis. Hederman is looking forward to being one of the showcase facilities where its high-speed press produces more jobs with quicker production. 

Hederman Brothers was established in 1898 by brothers Robert and Tom Hederman in Jackson, Mississippi. In 1928, the firm purchased the first offset printing press to operate in Mississippi.  After many years of steady growth, Robert's sons, Zach and Henry, assumed control of the thriving company in 1938. For decades the firm continued to thrive. In 1982, Henry and his son, Hap, purchased the printing company from the other family members with plans of expanding the 40,000 square-foot office in downtown Jackson. With business and technology booming in 1993, Hederman Brothers purchased its first 40" six color press with aqueous coating capability and moved to a new facility in Ridgeland, Mississippi, which nearly doubled the size of the downtown printing facility.  In 1998, Hederman Brothers became an ISO certified company and celebrated its 100th anniversary. Since then, the firm has added a new division called Hederman Direct as well as a full line of digital presses. More recently, the company is relocating into a new state of the art facility in Madison, MS to accommodate its continued growth. 

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Photo 1: The team at Hederman Brothers , a leading full-service commercial printer located in Ridgeland, MS, eagerly awaits its new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch six-color press plus coater featuring Air Motion Systems (AMS) full high-energy efficiency LED UV, QualiTronic ColorControl inline color control for quality control, and a lightning-fast 20,000 sph. Right to left: Doug Hederman, President and CEO; Rick Smith, Executive Vice President; Coby Parker, Comptroller; John Shaw, Printing Manager; Bert Jackson, Executive Vice President; and James Houck, Operations Manager.



news-483 Mon, 20 Jun 2016 15:54:00 +0200 Allied Printing Services Inks Drupa Contract for New KBA Rapida 106 Press http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/allied-printing-services-inks-drupa-contract-for-new-kba-rapida-106-press/ Full UV high-speed 20,000 sph press will become fourth KBA model on its pressroom floor At Drupa, the international trade fair being held in Dusseldorf, Germany, Allied Printing Services, a full service commercial/financial printing firm located in Manchester, CT, agreed to purchase its fourth new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch six-color high-performance press equipped with UV and conventional coating and running speeds of 20,000 sph. John Sommers, president and CEO of Allied Printing Services, met with KBA executives in early June to ink the contract. The new press will be delivered in the fall of 2016.

“Allied is proud to reinvest in our company by offering our customers state-of- the art technology throughout every department,” says John Sommers, president and CEO of Allied Printing Services. “We are excited to install our fourth KBA Rapida 106 press in the last four years. We have seen increased demand for UV printing and coating. We have reacted to our customers’ needs with this capital expenditure which will increase our UV capacity, giving our customers exactly what they are asking for while allowing for increased productivity and flexibility in press approval schedules. Our relationship with KBA continues to grow. They are an excellent partner, reflecting the pride and commitment we share with our customers each and every day.”

The new KBA Rapida press will join three additional high-performance KBA Rapida presses that print sheet sizes up to 29x41" at Allied’s 285,000 sq ft facility. One of its KBA machines is a hybrid UV press, with the ability to run and cure UV inks in any unit with overall and spot UV coating. Its current fleet of KBA presses has inline color management and register control to ensure consistent quality, can handle a wide range of printing substrates from lightweight plastics to heavy board, and provides Allied with faster turnarounds with automated inline systems such as color control, automatic register, and auto plate changing; and a direct pro-environmental impact.

Established in 1949, Allied Printing Services, Inc. is a full service commercial/financial printing services company located in Manchester, CT serving a national customer base of pharmaceutical, educational financial, retail, point-of-purchase, manufacturing, agency, and direct mailers. Allied offers a turnkey solution to its customers by providing a comprehensive mix of resources, solutions and capabilities. The firm has robust sheetfed, web, and digital press capabilities and its bindery/finishing area is the largest in all of New England. Allied’s mailing, fulfillment, kitting, Print-On-Demand, and variable data capabilities give it a unique value-proposition. Allied is a third- generation family-owned business. Its sales growth places Allied among the top printers in the United States and it is the largest family-owned commercial printer located in New England.

Photo 1: KBA Group President and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann (right), congratulates John Sommers, President and CEO of Allied Printing Services (left), at Drupa in Germany on the purchase of its fourth new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch six-color high-performance press equipped with UV and conventional coating and running speeds of 20,000 sph.

Photo 2 : The Allied Printing Services team meets with KBA at its booth at Drupa. Top row, left to right: Ralf Sammeck, KBA President and CEO of Sheetfed Solutions; Edward Heffernan, KBA Sales Manager; ; John Sommers, President and CEO of Allied Printing Services; Mark Hischar, President and CEO of KBA North America; and KBA Group President and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann.

news-484 Fri, 27 May 2016 16:20:00 +0200 Third KBA Rapida 205 Positions The Garvey Group West for Additional Growth http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/third-kba-rapida-205-positions-the-garvey-group-west-for-additional-growth/ A triple play with the first in North America to operate three of the largest sheetfed offset presses In an effort to continue its expansive growth in the packaging, retail and entertainment markets, The Garvey Group has become the first printer in North America to own three KBA Rapida 205 81" presses. Its newest KBA Rapida 205 81-inch six-color UV press has been added to the firm’s large-format Los Angeles facility. The firm cites speed-to-market as well as depth, redundancy and quality as the reasons behind adding this massive new press to its southern California facility. 

“I am proud to be investing in our customers’ future---and our own future too---with this amazing press technology,” says Ed Garvey Jr., president and CEO of The Garvey Group. “The Garvey Group West in Los Angeles produces outstanding out-of-home signage for major clients including some of the biggest brand names in the film industry, the electronics world, and the retail sector. This new large-format press will complete our offerings to our clients on the West Coast and

  • will allow our organization to produce a full range of sheet sizes and specialty coatings.
    • deliver quality and efficiency to our valued customers and provide them with an extra-large sheet to develop marketing and branding concepts
    • greatly reduce the cycle time for the Western half of the U.S. and Mexico.  It will reduce job turnaround exponentially from our current capabilities.
    • Its UV drying capabilities will allow us to print on any substrate offering special coating and effects for their jobs.
    • the new Rapida 205 gives us the redundancy in equipment and production which is of great importance to our large customers who have many locations around the country.  The quality and consistency will be the same for all TGG locations; the only difference that the customer will notice is the bill of lading showing which TGG facility produced the job.” 

Driving the decision to install the world’s largest sheetfed press, its third Rapida 205 press, were the sheet size, print quality, and UV capabilities---all cited as very important factors to TGG, as well as TGG’s long-standing commitment and partnership with KBA. This addition at TGGW, notes Garvey, provides a broader product offering on the West Coast of size and coating options that are currently available at its Midwest facilities. “This is a very large investment in Los Angeles and it speaks to our commitment to serving the Western markets,” says Garvey. “Our markets will continue to grow as the scope of work we can do becomes larger.” 

In addition to the new Rapida 205, the firm has moved its KBA Rapida 105 41-inch10-color UV press with perfecting capabilities into its Los Angeles facility. This decision was based upon the firm’s desire to greatly increase its capacity in the 41-inch markets. With the installation of its giant large-format press and 41-inch press, the firm plans to add more employees for these presses as well as future equipment.   

The KBA Rapida 205, which is custom-built in Germany, is a revolutionary piece of equipment that prints sheets up to 80.7” X 59.5”. The press produces extra-large format, high-quality products in a highly cost efficient manner. This press is the first of its size to offer a wide range of automated technologies that provide for extremely high print quality and low make-ready times with the addition of UV drying capabilities. 

“All of our employees in Los Angeles are excited about this new press and its capabilities,” says Garvey. “This new installation demonstrates our strength and commitment as one of the most sophisticated, technology-driven strategic marketing partners in our industry. We are confident that this press will print exceptional work because we already have two KBA Rapida 205 models producing award-winning work in our facilities in the Midwest.” 

"We congratulate The Garvey Group on its ninth KBA press investment, this time for another super large format 81” press, and we are most appreciative of the strong partnership that we’ve forged together over so many years,” says Steve Korn, KBA Director of National and Key Accounts. “Ed Garvey’s commitment to creating a North American super large format platform, the first of its kind in North America, is truly visionary.  The Garvey Group’s extraordinary growth is due to its customer first approach. We are confident that its new KBA press will increase the Garvey Group's capacity and help continue its leadership position with its existing and future clients for many years to come." 

The Garvey Group is a network of advertising, marketing, print production, support, and fulfillment divisions located in the Midwest and dedicated to the design, production, and distribution of graphic and electronic communication materials. Founded in 1919, The Garvey Group has additional facilities in Niles, IL, which specializes in point-of-purchase displays, packaging, and box wraps; as well as the Wisconsin cities of Sturtevant and Milwaukee, which focus on digital and custom commercial printing, marketing collateral and distribution services. The Garvey Group’s growth has been driven by consistent ownership—three generations of Garveys—along with dedication to professionalism; utilization of the latest technologies; personal service; an eye for detail; and the quality, security, and accuracy of its work.  


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Photo 1: Ed Garvey (right), president and CEO of the Garvey Group, and Paul Vogelsang (left), general manager of the Garvey Group West, stand beside the firm’s newest KBA Rapida 205 81-inch six-color press installed at the firm’s large-format Los Angeles facility.

news-485 Tue, 03 May 2016 16:25:00 +0200 KBA Dominates Market With Lightning-Fast Run Speeds of 20,000 sph on its Sheetfed Presses http://us.kba.com/news/details/news/kba-dominates-market-with-lightning-fast-run-speeds-of-20000-sph-on-its-sheetfed-presses/ Unique technology delivers higher production, more hourly net output, and fast ROI KBA North America is pleased to announce that it is dominating the North American market with its Rapida sheetfed press line that offers the highest run speed of any manufacturer---an outstanding 20,000 sph. About a dozen presses are in full production among some of the best known and highly respected printers in the country where this lightning-fast speed is being met on a daily basis. 

“Higher run speeds equal more production,” says Chris Travis, director of technology. “Our presses are built with the most impressive technological features unique to KBA giving them the ability to accomplish this feat. The math is simple: high speed presses equal faster print jobs, higher quicker production, and more jobs in one day.”


To move into this enviable position, KBA has developed significant new technology for the Rapida 106, dubbed the ‘makeready champion of the world’ due to its innovative enhancements that boost its performance, flexibility and cost efficiency and make it the most productive press in its class. For example, the KBA DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System) is a patented sheet infeed system that electronically controls lateral sheet alignment providing integration into an automatic format setting, which eliminates all need for operator intervention. Its pneumatic drive elements provide precise positioning of the sheet, all at maximum speed with its patented Venturi system that can be found before the feed line providing smooth sheet infeed. 

“The KBA DriveTronic SIS has become one of the most important and popular pieces of technology giving KBA printers the edge over their competitors,” says Walter Chmura, KBA vice president of technical sales. “Its mode of operation is ingeniously simple: a sensor determines the lateral position of the sheet on the feeder board, and as the sheet approaches the transfer point to the first printing unit the gripper on the transfer drum aligns the sheet with the side position specified at the console. This revolutionary technology provides simultaneous process and fast running speeds to our printers who benefit with the ultimate offset solution.” 

KBA titans of the print market that are benefiting from the Rapida 106’s 20,000 sph include examples such as Royal Paper Box, Multi Packaging, Access Business (Amway), Allied Printing Services, All Packaging, Wingate Packaging, and Winston Packaging, just to name a few.  

“While some run lengths are decreasing, the majority of packaging print work calls for large run lengths in which speed and high productivity are differentiating factors,” says Chmura. “We’ve been able to demonstrate fast job changes with our revolutionary technology such as DriveTronic SPC simultaneous plate changing as well as parallel washing and simultaneous makeready processes to printers who can see how this unique KBA technology makes the difference in turnaround and their bottom line. Most of these Rapida 106 customers have logistic systems so they can feed and deliver at this amazingly high speed that provides the ultimate offset solution.” 

One of the first printers to utilize the fast speeds on the Rapida 106 was Winston Packaging, a fourth-generation family-owned printed paperboard packaging company located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which set a new world job production record on its KBA Rapida 106 six-color 41-inch press. “I’m very impressed with our Rapida 106,” says James Gordon, president of Winston Packaging. “This press combines the best of both worlds in that it has very fast set-ups and best-in-class run-speeds of 20,000 sph. We were pleased to congratulate our employees for their record-setting performance on the KBA Rapida 106. We are proud to be operating this high-performance KBA Rapida press at our facility. This amazing record reinforces our purchase decision to go with a KBA and clearly shows that we have the most productive press in the 102-106 size on the market.” 

“We’re very proud to be operating three KBA Rapida 106 presses in our pressroom at Allied Printing Services,” says John Sommers, president and CEO of Allied. “These machines running at 20,000 sph are equipped with onboard register, inline color control, and auto-register and provide us with the ability to deliver fast turnarounds. Having the unique KBA automation on our press is crucial. These capital expenditures increase our capacity and make Allied more efficient and productive for our customers.” 

When All Packaging Company installed its Rapida 106, it proudly advertised that it was utilizing the fastest sheetfed offset printing press in the United States and the first to reach speeds of up to 20,000 sheets per hour. The added quality and efficiency of this latest technology helps to make All Packaging Company one of the best manufacturing companies of paperboard folding carton product packaging. 


Photo 1: Allied Printing Services, a full service commercial/financial printing firm located in Manchester, CT, is operating three KBA Rapida 106 41-inch high-speed presses running at 20,000 sph equipped with UV and conventional coating.